Irish People & The Internet

With more than half of all Irish people online and more with access to the Internet, it is imperative for a business to have an online presence with a web site. From brochure style web sites that describe your company to dynamic web sites that sell goods and services Dublin Web Design agency, Simmons Web Design, can build a custom web site for your business. We specialize in small to mid-sized businesses looking to create an online presence or redesign their current web site presence. Contact our Dublin web design firm using our web form for a no obligation consultation.

If your business is looking for website design at an affordable price then Simmons Web Design is the service that can assist you in your online efforts. Look at our pricing plan for great deals on web design.


Focus on Brochure Website Design

Brochure web sites are a great way to tell the world about your company. The printed brochure describes your company and some of the products or services that you sell to a select few people that are mailed or given the brochure. Printed brochures are quite expensive but a necessary part of any professional business. Brochure web sites on the other hand are very cost effective compared to the traditional printed offering and will be accessible to thousands more people than the printed brochure.

Many reasons are cited for wanting a web site, the primary of which is to increase sales. People are more likely to buy a product or want a service if they are given the information that they need and can see that product or service. Give customers and clients what they want and they will buy from you on a regular basis. Give them the honest information that they need and you will develop a relationship with a customer that will net more sales for you.

When people search the web they are looking to be informed about the company they are interested in. A well designed web site will give them the confidence that you are a serious company with the right attitude concerning their specific needs. Just as a nice looking brick and mortar storefront will attract people to purchase and browse so will a well designed web site front.

Brochure web sites are a great place for companies looking at their first venture into the online world. They offer a cost effective solution and can be expanded upon in the future to be whatever it is you company needs.

Brochure Websites

When your company desires an online presence, a brochure web site is just what you need.

A brochure web site will propel your company online and give your customers or clients access to your business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A brochure site is a great way to get an online presence. Having information about your company and product line or service is just what a brochure site is meant to accomplish. A contact information page and a web form will give your potential customers or clients the ability to contact you about your business.

Ingredients in a brochure site include:

  • General Company Information
  • Contact Information
  • Directions or Locations
  • Product Line
  • Services
  • Web Submission Form

Look at some examples of brochure sites:
Sounds of Schils
CPR With Mickey
North American Container Corporation

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FAQs on website design & development

Why have someone design my site?

With all of the editors out in the market today many people are designing their own web sites. What sets Simmons Web Design apart is we have the experience that most people do not have regarding the web and how it works for business.

Do you handle all of the hosting and domain registration for me?

We will take all of the work completely out of your hands if that is your desire. We will register your domain and have your site up and running in the time that we promise without you having to lift a finger.

Do you perform updates to my site at a later date?

Yes we will perform any updates to your site after launch. As a business owner you are just too busy to worry about updating a web site on a regular basis. We will gladly set up a maintenance program to fit your needs.

Can I enter information in my site on a regular basis?

Absolutely. One of our customers wanted to be able to enter current news and events that related to their business and we can set that up for you and show you how to do it.

What does “usability” mean in reference to my web site?

The word usability means how easy it is for your visitors to use your site. Take a store for instance, if you could never find what you were looking for then you would stop shopping there. It is the same for visitors to your site. If they have a hard time finding what they need then they are not going to stay for long. Worse yet if they come to your site and do not know what you do you may lose business right then and there.

What do I need to do before Simmons Web Design can begin a design for me?

You will need to decide what you want the site to accomplish and some of the things about your business that you want to showcase. You will also want to begin to gather text and images that you will want showcased.

Web Site Design

Every company is unique and each sells unique products or services. One company may be proud of its customer service while another is proud of its top of the line products. The web site needs to focus on these aspects and showcase what your company is good at.

Some clients want their sites designed around existing literature and some clients want a new logo and design for the web aspect of their business. From quick loading sites to flash, we will take your requirements and build your site based on your needs.

Many factors influence the design of your web site such as: target audience, speed of download, browsers, PCs, search engines and so on. All of these are important factors in the design of your site.

During the latter part of the design phase of your web site you will be able to view the progress of the site on our production server. This allows you and anyone else that you allow to view the work in progress at specified intervals.

Our Services Include:

  • Backend Programming
  • Concept and Strategy Development
  • Database Design and Integration
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting
  • Search Engine Promotion

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Newsletters are a great way for a business to remind its customers that they are around. Most newsletters only focus on what a company can offer its clients or customers and in many cases this is a fine reason to offer a newsletter. But think about the times that you really enjoy getting a newsletter or from whom you really enjoy getting a newsletter. Is it that specials that they send out from time to time or is it Macromedia’s newsletter that gives web professionals tips and tricks to help them in their career? I very much enjoy getting a newsletter but it better have some real value to me and not just the company sending it. Why would I buy from a company or use their services when they only seek to serve their own needs and seem to brush aside mine?

Let’s take for an example. I signed up for their newsletter because I wanted to know about specials that ran from time to time. New Egg sends me the occasional newsletter with some products that are displayed based on my buying habits. These products are things that I am interested in because I have purchased them in the past. If I purchase mostly computer hardware such as LCD monitors, hard drives and video cards and New Egg starts sending me newsletters about home theater systems, I am very likely to cancel my subscription to their newsletter because I have no interest in home theater products and I get enough e-mail coming in to my mail on a daily basis anyway.

Another newsletter that I look forward to is from Macromedia. Macromedia is a software company that sells one of my favorite programs for web design. Macromedia’s newsletter informs be about new articles that have been written by other web professionals, new features that have been added to their site and new products that I am interested in. I am a certified geek when it comes to new software. I watch each week for developments on the newest version and I want updates whenever they are available. This is what the Macromedia newsletter does for me. All people like getting e-mail that they enjoy reading and want to use productively.

So how does all of this help a business bring in more customers? Give me information that I can use and benefit from and I will be apt to use your products or services. It is as simple as that. When a newsletter comes around that company is in my mind and I may visit the web site to find out more. The next time you write a newsletter for your clients or customers keep this in mind. What am I giving my clients in this letter? You will get better response if you are offering them some real information that they can use and not just a sales pitch for your products or services.

Brian Simmons

Website Content

Web site content management is the buzz word lately. What is content management and how can a business use it to add value to their existing web site?

Content management can take on many forms. A web site can use online forms using a browser and update information or images to a predefined template that is controlled by the design team or webmaster. Software can be used to update the web site content and add and remove pages. Software can come in a variety of faces from web based using only a browser to windows based using a program that is installed on each user’s workstation.

The cost of content management can vary based on the solution that is chosen by a business. Software that is purchased and installed on the workstation can be the least expensive of all types. Forms based content management is the next step up and cost is based on the amount of programming the web team or webmaster will have to perform. An online content management system is the most expensive of all forms of content management offering a full range of features and cost to operate.

The benefits of each type of system will depend on the solution that a business desires. While an online content management system is the most expensive it can offer the biggest variety of features, flexibility and security for a team or organization of users. Online content management systems are tailored to the needs of each organization and users are given restricted access to the areas of the site that they are allowed to update and modify. Another benefit of online content management is it allows users to log in anywhere internet access can be found to manage the content.

Software that an organization purchases and installed on each workstation can be a viable solution and a less expensive alternative to a full online content management system. Smaller organizations can benefit from the lower cost of software when only a few employees are going to use the system to manage content. One drawback to software is the learning curve can be higher than the online versions of content management. An employee must learn the interface of a software program whereas almost anyone uses a browser in their daily lives.

The last form on content management is forms based. Forms based content management allows the use of a browser to update content on the web site. A user would log in and navigate to the administration page for a particular page or section of a site and update the content using text boxes, drop down list and many other controls. For an organization needing to control the exact format of the content forms based management is the way to go. The look and feel of the content is maintained by the web team or webmaster and others are allowed to change sections of the site based on need. A good example of using forms is an online store that adds product to the site and wants to control the cost, description, images and other aspects of a product while maintaining the design of the site and display of the products.

Whatever type of content management your organization needs is available. Content management is what companies are demanding from web firms today and designers and programmers have answered the call with a variety of solutions tailored to the needs of any type of business.

Brian Simmons

Graphic Design & Website Design

Logos, Brochures, Folders, Mailers, Magazine Ads…

How your potential customers or clients perceive your entire organization is directly related to your logo and publications.

New companies needing a logo or established companies needing a redesign of an older logo, we can help you create an identity that you will be proud to display. We handle all aspects of the process so that you are free to run your business.

A magazine advertisement can drive customers or clients to your business or web site.

Graphic Design services include:

  • Logo or Identity Design
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Mailers
  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Single Page

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About Us

Simmons Web Design is a web site design service geared for the smaller budgets of smaller to mid-sized businesses. Just because we are less expensive than some of the larger design firms does not mean that we pay less attention the little details that make a huge difference in the success of your web site.

We offer a full range of services to meet your needs:

  • Web Design
  • Web Re-Design
  • Hosting
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Advertisements
  • Mailers and Fliers
  • Business Stationary (Letterhead, Cards, Envelopes)

You have a business to run and a product or service to sell. The last thing that you want to do is spend the required amount of time learning web site design and usability. We take care of the details for you so you are free to run your business.

When you let Simmons Web Design take care of your web needs, all you have to do is approve the design and let us take it from there.