FAQs on website design & development

Why have someone design my site?

With all of the editors out in the market today many people are designing their own web sites. What sets Simmons Web Design apart is we have the experience that most people do not have regarding the web and how it works for business.

Do you handle all of the hosting and domain registration for me?

We will take all of the work completely out of your hands if that is your desire. We will register your domain and have your site up and running in the time that we promise without you having to lift a finger.

Do you perform updates to my site at a later date?

Yes we will perform any updates to your site after launch. As a business owner you are just too busy to worry about updating a web site on a regular basis. We will gladly set up a maintenance program to fit your needs.

Can I enter information in my site on a regular basis?

Absolutely. One of our customers wanted to be able to enter current news and events that related to their business and we can set that up for you and show you how to do it.

What does “usability” mean in reference to my web site?

The word usability means how easy it is for your visitors to use your site. Take a store for instance, if you could never find what you were looking for then you would stop shopping there. It is the same for visitors to your site. If they have a hard time finding what they need then they are not going to stay for long. Worse yet if they come to your site and do not know what you do you may lose business right then and there.

What do I need to do before Simmons Web Design can begin a design for me?

You will need to decide what you want the site to accomplish and some of the things about your business that you want to showcase. You will also want to begin to gather text and images that you will want showcased.